Clumpy Finish Candles

Clumpy Finish Candles are fun and easy to make! Each one is unique in it's own way.

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Sea Glass Inspired Candle

With summer on the mind what better way to celebrate then making a sea glass inspired candle? The gel chunks look just like sea glass and the candle gives off that beloved ocean smell.

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How to Scent and Color Candles

The coloring and fragrance of a candle can make it stand out and tranform the look immensly. Color and scent can help you customize your candle for your specific customers.

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Candle Making Fun!


Welcome to our candle projects blog! We love everything from classic container candles to cut and carve candles. In this blog we will explore basic candle making to more advanced projects. We will also go over different types of waxes and gels to help you stay in tune with the industry. Our aim is to help you develop a diverse knowledge and love for candles so you can try new ideas and even expand your product line. All of our projects will list ingredients used and supplies needed, as well as step by step instruction. We love getting your feedback, please feel free to email and comments on any posts 🙂


Next Steps...

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