Basic Palm Container Candle

Glass Glow palm container wax is truly one of the most unique and beautiful waxes that we have ever seen! The finished candles have been described as having a crystal, feathered or marbled appearance and are clean burning with no soot. They are easy to use and single pour and the container blend adheres to the jar with no wet spots. Palm waxes are made from an all-natural complex blend of tropical plant oils that are renewable and environmentally friendly. We recommend pouring this wax at 200 degrees, but varying your pouring temperatures will produce a variety of crystal shapes and sizes as show in the picture. Different fragrances and colors will also produce different crystalline patterns. Below are instruction on how to make a palm container candle.


Prepare your work area – gather your materials – fill the bottom part of your double boiler with water and place on the stove or set your melter at 200 degrees.


Weigh your wax, put it in the melting pot or melter and turn on the heat.


When wax reaches at least 200 degrees you are ready to add the color and scent. Add color, stir and test by putting a drop of wax on a white piece of paper. Keep in mind that when the wax is hard it will appear lighter than it looks in the melting pot and darker than it appears on the white piece of paper. Add more color if you want a darker shade. Add 1 oz. of scent per lb. of wax melted. If you do not want highly scented candles, only add a small amount of scent. Stir with your thermometer or a spoon.


Attach your wick tab to the bottom center of the container either with wick tape. Pour the palm wax into the container slowly but smoothly. Keep adjusting the wick so that it is centered as the wax hardens or secure with a wick clip.