How to Test Burn

One of the most important elements of candle making is test burning your finished candle. Test burning is especially important if you decide to sell or give away your candles. On a side note, when selling or giving away candles make sure there is a “burning instruction label” on the candle to insure safe burning procedures. Test burning allows you to make sure the candle burns properly. Make sure to monitor the scent throw, burn pool and wick for a couple of hours. If the wick goes out by itself at anytime during your test burning it could be caused by over scenting, over coloring and/or the wrong size wick.

Below is a Test Burn Data Sheet to help keep track of your test burning.

EZ Test Burn Data Sheet

Date:  ________________________

Wax Type: ____________________

WickType/Size: ________________

Scent Name: __________________

Qty. Used: ____________________

Color Type: ___________________

Color Amount:  _________________

Burn Start Time: ________________

Burn Stop Time: ________________

Burn Diameter: _________________

2nd Burn Start:__________________

2nd Burn Stop: _________________

Burn Diameter: _________________


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