Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Candles

Who can resist a jack-o-lantern at Halloween? Pumpkin carving has evolved into an art form and there are so many different personalities that you can create with just a paintbrush and some black paint.

Items you will need:
– Candle molds large enough to paint a face or use a pumpkin shaped mold
– Mold Release Spray
– Pillar candle wax (141mp or higher blended wax works great)
– Wicking
– Pumpkin candle coloring
– Scent
– Melting pot and thermometer
– Rubbing alcohol
– Black acrylic paint
– Paint brush
– Pumpkin face templates
– Masking tape

Step 1
Prepare your work area, gather your materials, spray your molds with mold release and heat your wax.

Step 2
Wick your mold according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When wax is melted and reaches at least 180 degrees, add the color and scent and stir well with the thermometer to mix the color and scent.

Step 3
Pour the wax into the mold slowly and evenly in the mold. Save some leftover wax in the pot for later if you are not using a single pour blend.

Step 4
As the wax cools, it will shrink and create a “pit” around the wick – this is normal. When the outside of your mold feels cool and there is a pit around the wick you are ready to “top off” the candles. Reheat the leftover wax to 180 degrees again and pour enough wax in the mold to fill the “pit” and create a nice smooth bottom on your candle.

Step 5
Allow the candle to cool fully before attempting to remove from the mold. If the candle does not easily slide out of the mold, tap it gently on the counter or place it in a refrigerator for five to ten minutes then try removing it from the mold again. Never pry or scrape the wax out of the mold.

Your pumpkin candles are complete – if you want to paint a jack-o-lantern face just follow steps 6 and 7 below.

Step 6
Prepare your candle surface for painting by wiping with rubbing alcohol and buffing with pantyhose if the candle finish is very slick and smooth. The alcohol will remove any fragrance oil that may have escaped the wax so that the paint will stick to the wax. Choose your jack-o-lantern face template and affix it to your candle with masking tape.

Step 7
Trace the outline of the jack-o-lantern with the back of the paint brush so that a slight indent is created in the wax to outline the areas to be painted. Paint the outlined parts of the candle with the black acrylic paint. Spray with clear acrylic gloss to seal if desired.

Enjoy your candles!

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