Sea Glass Inspired Candles

Materials Needed:
Container Wax – Paraffin or Soy
Candle Gel – MP or HP
Fragrance Oil – any beach type you like
Blue, Kelly Green and Teal Liquid Dye
Pre-tabbed wicks
Glass Container
3 Disposable Containers for Gel Cubes – aluminum pie plates work great
Melting pot

1. Make your gel cubes –
Melt gel to about 230 degrees F and add 1 oz. of scent per lb. of gel.
Pour hot gel into the different pie plates or disposable containers about ½” deep, add liquid dye to       each pan to color gel a seaglass shade. Let gel cool until solid then cut into cubes with scissors.
2. Attach pre-tabbed wick to glass container with hot glue or glue dot.
3. Pour a thin layer of sand in the jar to cover the wick tab and loosely arrange gel cubes into container as desired.
4. Heat container wax to 180 degrees and add fragrance oil.
5. Gently pour container wax over gel cubes until they are saturated. Be careful not to pour wax onto top layer of gel cubes or they will appear “cloudy or dirty”.
6. Allow candle to cool and trim your wick.

These are very fast and easy candles to make! Color/scent combinations are endless!

Have fun!

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