Basic Container Candles

Container candles are one of the easiest yet most versatile candles you can make. There are all types of jars, crocks, mugs and glass that you can pour candles into. Look for jars or containers with
wide enough necks so that the flame does not extinguish while you are burning your candle due to lack of air.

You will need:
Pre-tabbed wicks
A melting pot for wax
Container wax
Color block or liquid dye
Glass jars or crocks to pour your candles into
Suitable work area
Stove or hot plate or presto pot

Step 1
Prepare your work area - gather your materials.

Step 2
Put the wax your melting pot. Clip your thermometer on the side of the melting pot. Put the melting pot in the double boiler and start heating. Add water to the bottom of the double boiler if necessary while heating the wax.

Step 3
When wax reaches 180 degrees you are ready to add the color and scent. Using a knife or grater, shave off small amounts of the color block and add them to your wax. It’s better to start with small amounts of the dye block because you can always add more to reach your desired color. Stir the wax with your thermometer until the color is well dissolved. You can test your color by putting a drop of wax on a white piece of paper. Keep in mind that when the wax is hardened it will appear lighter than it looks in the melting pot and darker than it appears on the white piece of paper. Once you have the color that you want it’s time to add the scent. I use about 1 oz. of scent per # of wax for very highly scented candles. If you do not want highly scented candles, only add the amount that you want. Stir the scent again with your thermometer.

Step 4
Attach your wick tab to the bottom center of the container either with hot glue or a small piece of double back tape. Always “prime” the unwaxed wick before pouring your candle. You can do this by placing the section of the wick you wish to use in your clear melted wax for 4 seconds. Remove the wick and lay straight to harden. The wick tabs can be attached with pliers after the wax has hardened. The pre-tabbed wicks are so handy because they are already primed by machine. Prepare your container for
pouring by running hot tap water over the outside (do not get any water inside where the wax will be). Pour the wax into the container slowly but smoothly. Save some wax in the pot for later. Gently tap the sides of the container and allow 45 seconds for the air bubbles to rise if necessary. Keep adjusting the wick so that it is centered as the wax hardens.

Step 5
As the wax cools, it shrinks and creates a “pit” around the wick - this is normal. When the outside of your container cool and there is a pit around the wick you are ready to “top off” the candles. I usually top off my candles about 4-6 hours after the initial pour. Reheat the leftover wax to 180 degrees again and pour enough wax in the container to fill the “pit” and create a nice smooth top on your candle.

Step 6
Allow the candle to cool fully before attempting to cover with a lid.

Step 7
Enjoy your candles! Watch them burn and enjoy the fragrance that you picked. Handmade candles also make great gifts. Your friends will enjoy receiving something that’s handmade and if the directions are followed properly you will have made candles that are a better quality than what you can buy in most stores!

I hope that you have had fun making your candles - I know I enjoy making candles more than just about anything! If you have any questions or need any supplies, feel free to contact me at any time! Keep in touch too! I would love to hear how your candles turned out. Happy candle making!

Your Friend,
Cindy Novack

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