How to Make Fire Starters

Cuddling up to a warm fire is a perfect activity this time of year. What better way to start a fire then with a homemade fire starter. Fire starters are a great way to use scrap wax and the profit can be high from the low production costs!


  • Pinecone, shredded paper and/or wood shavings (not sawdust or hardwood)
  • Cupcake wrapper or cardboard egg carton
  • Leftover wax (can be scented/colored)

Fill the cupcake wrapper or egg carton with a shredded paper or wood shavings. Melt and pour your wax over top of the shredded paper or wood shavings, leaving some of the paper/shaving uncover so they can easily be lit. Let the fire starter cool and it’s ready to use! For a more decorative touch you can dribble some colored wax on the firestarter. To make a pinecone fire starter you can simply dip the pinecone in wax, leaving the top portion uncovered.

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